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There are courses such as blowfish soft-shelled turtle and shabu-shabu, as well as popular entrusted courses.

Please enjoy dishes using Kagoshima ingredients such as Kagoshima black pork, Japanese black beef, and Satsumadori chicken.

* Soft-shelled turtle dishes are prepared by purchasing live soft-shelled turtles. ※The photograph is an image.


For a long time

Omakase course meal

Plum 6,000 yen

Bamboo 8,000 yen

Pine 10,000 yen

Special selection course 15,000 yen


* Satsuma course

* Lava baked

* You can also put it in a hot pot

* The contents will change depending on the purchase on that day.


Black pork dish

Stir-fried olives 1800yen

Stir-fried miso 1800 yen

Fried 1800 yen

Loin salt grilled 1800 yen

Shabu-shabu 4000 yen

Sukiyaki 4000 yen

Fugu dishes

Hot water 1000 yen

Sashimi 4000 yen

Grilled blowfish 6000 yen

Deep-fried 3500 yen

Shirako-yaki 3000 yen

Hot pot 8000 yen

Course 12000 yen

* Because it is a natural product, it is from November to March.

Soft-shelled turtle dish

Soup 1000 yen

Miscellaneous cooking 1200 yen

Hot pot (course reservation required) 8000 yen

* Course reservations are from 2 people, apéritif, sashimi,

Fried chicken, pot, porridge

Black Satsuma chicken

Sashimi 1800 yen

Salt-grilled 1800 yen

Deep-fried 1800 yen

Olive roast 2000 yen

Local chicken soup 600 yen

Zosui 800 yen

Shabu-shabu 4000

yen Sukiyaki 4000 yen

We also have a rich menu.

Drink menu


Half 1,800 yen ~
Whiskey 800 yen ~
Highball 600 yen ~
Shochu 1 go 700 yen ~
Red wine

Half 1,800 yen ~

Regular 3,500 yen ~
White wine

Regular 3,500 yen ~
Glass wine 800 yen ~
Draft beer 600 yen Sake 1 go 800 yen ~

Fugu fin liquor 900 yen


Non-alcoholic 500 yen

Soft drinks from 300 yen

We have various brands.

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