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Private room

Not to mention entertainment, with family, friends and loved ones. Please feel free to contact us for any celebrations. Private rooms can be connected to each other and can accommodate up to 12 people. (The private room is equipped with a humidified air purifier as an infection prevention measure.)

Vessel, hard

A vessel and a pain that expresses the spirit of hospitality. Enjoy shochu with the traditional "Kurojoka" along with Kagoshima's local cuisine.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, seasonal ingredients

We have a wide variety of ingredients, including abundant seafood from all over the country, as well as soft-shelled turtles and blowfish.


Fugu dishes, soft-shelled turtle dishes, Japanese black beef and Kagoshima black pork, which are the specialties of Iku. Fresh seafood is also available. It is a dish that the owner is proud of, which brings out the best flavor of the ingredients.